When it comes to all the things to do and see in Wellington, you will have many options available to you. There are many exciting adventure and outdoor activities on offer. However if you ever find that you have financial constraints or you are looking for something a bit unique and different then the Adam Art Gallery may just be a good option for you. It also is a great place to go on a cold winters day, when outdoor activities are no longer an option.

What makes the Adam Art Gallery so unique is that it was build for the Victoria University of Wellington. It can be located where the Victoria University art collection is looked after and managed. This gallery has hosted some very impressive exhibitions and events over the years. Even though it only opened up in 1999,since many famous artists have set food in the building.

It has grown in size over the years, and it now houses all sorts of modern and contemporary New Zealand art pieces. Today the Adam Art Gallery has sculptures,paintings,photographs and much more on display to the public. It also comprises of various art collections. Some of the collections it display is the Hall Collection and the Wellington College of Education Collection. This is in addition to the Staff Club collection and the Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection. Art can be found displayed over all four of these campuses.

These unique art pieces range in style and appeal. Everything is completely unique and very impressive. If you are looking to see art pieces which will really capture your imagination but which also have historical and cultural elements to them, then the Adam Art Gallery may just be the art gallery to visit if you are in the Wellington area in New Zealand.