The Christchurch Art Gallery is the official art gallery which is open to the public in the area of Christchurch New Zealand. It is completely funded by the city council and it opened its doors in 2003. It actually replaced the city’s older gallery. The building itself looks very impressive in the day time, but it has a magical glow to it and looks almost picture perfect at night too. This is a great place to visit both for art lovers and non art lovers as there really is something for everyone.

The Christchurch Art Gallery is more than just a place which houses art. It offers all sorts of films, talks and events. There is literally always something to see at this art gallery. If you have a few free hours on your hands and you want to kill some time, then this is the place to go. If you are an art enthusiast and you really appreciate unique pieces of art then you may want to make sure that you have some time available. In fact you may want to keep an entire afternoon open for this experience.

The Christchurch Art Gallery has over 40 guides who are available to take you on guided tours and who will be able and willing to answer all of your questions. One of the most remarkable aspects about these guides is that they are all volunteers. If you live in New Zealand and you want to volunteer as an art guide, they are always looking for new volunteers to join the team. If you are looking to buy some great art gifts or souvenirs to take home, then you may want to pay a visit to the gallery shop on your way out. This is certainly a great way to spend the day in Christchurch.