The Ashburton Art Gallery is one of the newest facilities to be built in the South Island which is focused on culture and art. Even though it is one of the youngest public art galleries in the country, it is also one of the most visited. You can expect to find rooms filled with all sorts of art, deigms, collections, photographs, paintings and much more. It is geared towards innovation and experimentation.

The Ashburton Art Gallery (website here) is a gallery which really is welcoming to the entire family. If you want to take your children to art gallery which will allow them to really learn about all the different facets of art and creativity then this is the place that you want to visit. The impressive exhibitions draw in crowds from everyone all over the country. All the art that you can expect to see has very visually appeal factor to it. It is a place that you should come to more than once if you live in the area because there are always many new and exciting events taking place at The Ashburton Art Gallery.

One of the most popular aspects about this gallery is that they really have some fantastic programs available for children. They offer some really educational school programs where children of all ages can learn and participate in all sorts of art projects and initiatives. They take on large groups of children and are not shy to really put in the time and effort to help them explore their artistic and creative sides. Their programs for children are very hands on and their approach really helps children to become interested and engaged.

They even have an exclusive club which is geared towards helping children of ages 7-13 learn more about art. It gets children involved in all aspects of art such as painting and various other craft based activities.