New Plymouth is a city on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It is a well known area all of the world due to it’s exciting outdoor activities and adventures.It has everything from beaches, mountains and botanical gardens. One of the things to do and see in the area should certainly be the New Plmouth art gallery experiences. As there are many different exhibitions, galleries and events which take place in the area.

Art galleries and exhibitions in the area and actually plentiful. You will not be bored on a day when it is raining. One of the best aspects about the many New Plymouth art gallery exhibitions as they are mostly free and you will not have to pay anything. In many cases although admission may be free, many of the art galleries especially the public ones, will accept donations.

Some of the art galleries may include:

  • LTe Henui Vicarage and Gallery
  • LWhite Sail Gallery
  • LJ.D. Reid Gallery
  • LJ.D. Reid Gallery
  • LSalvage Art & Design
  • LJayeta Valentine Home Gallery
  • LPuke Ariki
  • LKorver Molloy Gallery
  • LRenate Verbrugge Sculpture Studio

As you can see from the list above you will not run out of art galleries, exhibitions or options in the area. There is something suitable for everyone regardless of your taste or experience in art. Most of the galleries are operational during the day time and often on weekends too. Explore, discover and learn all about art. What are you waiting for, there are plenty of exciting new plymouth art gallery adventures to be had and many new things to discover. If you have any questions there are usually very knowledgable people who will be able to answer all of your questions. Who knows you may even run into some famous New Zealand artists during your visits.