Queenstown in New Zealand is a beautiful area of New Zealand. It sits on the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu. It is an area which is known for it’s adventure sport, and it is also a top travel destination. It is also a great area to relax. There are many Queenstown art gallery options available to you, if you want to check out some unique and different art.

  • Central Art Gallery

This art gallery offers more traditional fine art pieces to it’s visitors. You can expect to all sorts of art pieces from traditional fine art creators.

  • Cloakroom Gallery

This is a Queenstown New Zealand art gallery with a slight difference. It is partially funded by grants, so you can expect it to feel a bit different. They have exhibitions every so often which have work from local and international artists.

  • Milford Galleries

This art gallery features all sorts of painters, ceramicists and sculptors. It has everything that you could possible ask for and much. There are some very unique and extraordinary pieces here which can be bought worldwide.

  • Gary Mahan Gallery

This art gallery focuses in on contemporary art, as well as historical art. You will also be able to find some unique pieces of antique furniture.

  • Nadine Milne Gallery

This building has vast amounts of culture and history associated to it. It goes back to the 1860’s. There are many well known art exhibitions which take place here.

  • Central Art Gallery

This is one of the oldest privately owned art galleries in the area. It features work from over 90 incredible and emerging New Zealand artists.

  • Queenstown Arts Centre

Another popular Queenstown New Zealand gallery and art experience is the art centre. Here you can expect to find everything from exhibitions to workshops and events. There is a studio and spare for hire. Many art auctions and art fundraisers are held here.